What is a well spent Sunday?

Over the past five years, I’ve grown to love Sundays, and to use a term that I’ll borrow liberally from the Sunday Times {a well spent Sunday ritual}, I curate mine with a careful eye for detail, balance and color.  When my daughter was born earlier this year, I became even more conscious of the Sunday rituals that my husband and I had developed, and as she grows, I give more and more thought to the way in which we spend our Sundays.

A well spent Sunday is always anchored by a home-cooked meal. Its one of my Sunday rituals to pore over my blogs, bookmarks, cookbooks and torn out magazine pages to plan meals for the week for our family, shop for them, and cook. On Sunday, I make Sunday Supper, a term I borrow from the midwestern version of “Supper” as a large lunch, but adapt liberally to mean a meal that takes a little longer to cook, satisfies a little bit more and provides ample leftovers for the start to the week.

Our other Sunday rituals are reading the New York Times (some of us are a bit more fastidious than others when it comes to refolding the sections perfectly), completing the Sunday crossword puzzle (we are often weeks behind but we catch up on vacations) and spending time as a family before the hectic week begins. I’d add that we also try to go to bed early, but the only one of us who enjoys that ritual is me.

Sunday Suppers started as a ritual in our house, grew to be a silly hashtag on Instagram, and now have evolved to be this blog, which is my way of sharing recipes, rituals, and ideas for well spent Sundays.

So, thanks for dropping by. I’m cooking dinner. Pull up a chair and chop something for me, will you? Dinner is at 6.